From the Vault

I was working on Mary and Toly’s wedding pictures today and finally got to the field photo shoot we did just with the bride and the groom. I love the feel and the mood of their pictures. I was expecting a rustic look to their photos, but once I saw the field that Toly picked out and the car, it definitely turned into a classic shoot with beautiful landscape behind the couple. Thank you Toly for putting time into this shoot, finding perfect locations that represented you and Mary. The chair was an extra; it was already standing in the field when we got there, maybe next time it will be a couch :).


The branch bouquet was Andrei’s idea. While Toly was talking on the phone the photographers made his bride do crazy things, like hold this branch. After a few minutes on the phone, Toly asked us, “What’s with the branch, is it really that cool?” Thanks Mary for your easy going spirit, and for letting your cousins do fun things on the photo shoot. I loved it. The field had many cool spots, but unfortunately the sun hid behind the clouds too fast and set not long after we started shooting.

The sky was very dramatic with dark clouds of different shades. I love the mood of the pictures below, even though there wasn’t a ray of sun on the subjects.


Mary is one of the lucky brides to get a lot of bridal portraits. Thanks cuz for being on the phone for a while, it’s not always a bad idea.


Thank you Andrei for the last two shots, I love the little details you see.


This is taken inside the car, while I was taking picture from another window, definitely a keeper for a detail page on a website.



2 thoughts on “From the Vault

  1. Thanks for the compliments, though undeserved. You give me more credit than I’m due, but I definitely appreciate your humility in even considering my attempts.

  2. Yulia,
    These look so great! Mary and I are so excited to get the rest of the pictures. Thank you so much for your wonderful work.


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