Nadia & Vincent Wedding

Here is a quick preview of images from my sister’s wedding on July 26th. She is a stunning bride. I had two assistants for this special day, because besides photographing I was also a bridesmaid. Thank you Nadia for wanting me to capture your wedding day, and thank you Andrei and Chris for shooting alongside. I can’t wait to put together a story of your wedding day, it was definitely one of the loveliest weddings I attended.

Definitely a favorite from the morning shoot!
The flowers were done by lovely Irina Sahaydak, thank you for your beautiful work.
Mr. and Mrs. Bradshaw after the wedding ceremony.
I have to thank our florist Inna for this shot, she decorated the church so artistically. When I heard about the tea lights as decoration on the stage, I was really excited and full of ideas, unfortunately the ceremony didn’t last long enough for me to capture all of them.
If you got a chance to see the slideshow at the wedding, this shot was actually in there. The story with Vincent and apple goes back since the first time I was introduced to Vincent, I couldn’t help but use it for their ring shot.


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